The XP System

Much like other games, you earn XP by taking actions. In this case, it’s not necessarily by slaying creatures that you gain XP, but in the ways listed below. Note that when referring to the group pot, the XP in that pot is split among all players evenly at the end of each in-game week.

1. Action XP: You gain this when actions that you take that are in-line with the actions allowed for the genre, at the rate of one XP per action placed in the group pot. You can take up to three XP actions during any one in-game week, or choose to skip on these actions if you feel your character wouldn’t take more. Note that actions you take aren’t XP Actions unless you DECLARE that they are XP Actions.

Example: In the Pastoral Genre, you can make a Slice-of-Life Action, which is enjoying a little bit of life. Moira decides to take a bit of time to herself, flexing her wings and going for a little flight of only a few minutes. She gains 1 XP for the group pot for taking the action and experiencing the wonders of the world, marveling at what’s below.

2. Quest XP: In certain cases it is possible for you to gain XP from the quest you’re on, if a major milestone has been reached (for 5 XP as noted on your Quest) or 1 if an action you’ve taken is in line with your Quest. Note that the action does /not/ have to be an XP Action. This XP will be under GM ruling, and will be awarded as seen fit. Note that major milestones can only be invoked once, and bonus actions invoked once every two weeks in-game.

Example: Since Moira’s major Quest is You’ve Lost Them, she decides to talk with her father about the death of her mother and the way it will affect their lives. During the discussion she says something that angers her father, causing him to yell at her and making Moira cry. The GM rules that because the discussion ends poorly, she gains XP because it fulfills the following conditions: her life is a mess, she is still struggling to understand her loss, she talked to someone about death, and she watched somebody (her father) self-destructing. This gives her 4 bonus XP to her quest. Additionally, the GM rules that the major milestone of getting atypically emotional at the reality of someone (her mother) being gone has been fulfilled, so she gains 5 XP for it.

3. Emotion XP: Each character will have a connected emotion, and if the characters of /other/ people react to your character in said way. This should be something that can be emoted or easily represented by giving an XP token. You can only gain XP this way two times each in-game week.

Example: The emotion associated with Moira is Offering You Comfort, which is represented by other players handing Moira one of their XP chips. After her fight with her father, Moira’s friend Chuubo offers her a few words of comfort and a hug, represented by the handing over of 1 XP by the person playing Chuubo.

The XP System

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