Simple Character Creation

These are the basic rules for Character Creation! Specifics can be found on linking pages, or you can message me with your questions. Note that we will be starting with mortal characters, but that doesn’t mean they have to be /human/. There may be an opportunity to gain more miraculous traits later on, so don’t worry!

Everyone starts with the these stats in common:

  • 8 points of Skills
  • a level 1 Connection Perk to other Player Characters at your discretion
  • 2 Normal Health Levels and 1 Tough Health Level
  • 1 MP
  • A Basic Quest
  • A Bonus XP Emotion
  • A Level 0 Advancement Arc with the following benefits: a Level 2 Bond, Affliction, Level 0 Arc Trait, and the ability to advance and complete said Arc.

Now, here are the following steps to creating a character.

  1. Choose Your Arc: Your character Arc is what your character life will focus on in their life, with specific Arcs on the linked page. Using this Arc you can choose a starting Quest to begin your character’s adventures.
  2. Choose Your Skills: Skills are baseline mundane abilities, which are allotted points based on how strong you believe that they are.
  3. Choose Your Special Abilities: You can choose your Bond and your Affliction, two abilities which exhibit what is important to your character and ties them further into
  4. Choose Your Bonus XP Emotion: Choose the Emotion that others react to which gives you extra XP.
  5. Choose Your Life: Come up with the details of your character. Who are they? How did they grow up? How do they live?

Linked here is an example of character creation in action! When you’ve created your character and concept please be nice and email them to me at!

Simple Character Creation

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