Quests and Arcs

Quests are the means by which your characters advance as… well, characters. Quests begin with an Advancement Arc, the means by which your character gains XP and grows as a person. Each Advancement Arc is composed of 3-5 main quests, and you can also take quests on the side that don’t contribute to that directly, but do round out your character as a person. Note that you can have up to four Quests ongoing at any one time, which should be stated clearly in your character thread.


Advancement arcs are long-lasting arcs that confer unique benefits at the end of each quest along it, such as Advancement arcs are overarching, and comprise one of the following themes. For further detail, please consult the Chuubo book. Example arcs include:

  • Bindings Arc: You develop a rapport or facility with something or someone wicked, forbidden, or dangerous (level of danger and evil is up to your discretion). This arc is about enacting a grand scheme and then finding the repercussions.
  • Knight Arc: You want to do or be something in this society (it doesn’t have to be martial: you can be a baker or singer if you like). This arc is about finding a place for yourself in the world.
  • Otherworldy Arc: You are communing with something far beyond the mortal plane, finding yourself. This arc is about losing and finding your spirit.
  • Storyteller Arc: Possibly the most free-form of the arcs, you are living out a story of your making. This arc is about living your life excitingly.

If you want to do something that doesn’t necessarily have an arc here, talk with me and we’ll figure something out.


Main quests are anywhere from 35-50 XP, and are comprised of one large goal, three or four 5 XP milestones, and bonus actions which we’ll hash out together.


I know the book called these chibi-quests but that’s a little cutesy even for my taste. These are small, 15 XP Quests that give you a small benefit of some kind and are far simpler to complete

Quests and Arcs

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