How to Play

The Chuubo System is nice because unlike your usual RPG it is completely diceless!

This is the kind of game that encourages you guys interacting with each other than interacting with me, noting where you gain XP through actions or appeals to your quests and letting me act as an arbiter and slight pusher rather than as God. To do actions, roleplay them out! To do well in achieving something, you will have to expend Will equal to how much you want the action to succeed. We’ll rely on honour here, with you guys knowing where all the XP goes.

Example: It’s the start of a new week, and Moira has decided that after what happened last week she wants to pursue the side quest of Becoming A Better Singer. So, she uses her Singing skill and expends 2 Will in order to sing well at practice. By using that Will she is able to attract some cheerful birds close to where she is, and gains some XP not only for the practice but also for Sharing her action with these birds.

Obstacles and Edges: However, not everything in life is smooth sailing.There will be times when odds are not in your favour, or someone is simply better than you. In this case, we end up dealing with Obstacles and Edges. Obstacles are numerical values that add to the challenge of the task that you want to do. Edges are the numerical representations of traits that people have as an advantage, and can be used between players at your discretion.

Example: Moira wants to enter a singing competition. Unfortunately, there is the Obstacle of it being a semi-professional competition with a big prize as Obstacle 1, and her friend Ella is performing with her Superior Singing, giving her an Edge of 2. Competing in the competition gains Obstacle 1, but the Edge 2 Ella has makes it a separate difficulty for her to not only sing but to sing better than Ella.

Wounds: Over the course of the game it’s very possible that at some point that you will get hurt in some way, which is neither nice nor fun but is a part of every adventure unavoidably. When you take wounds in Chuubo the Health Level isn’t an HP bar. It dictates that the wound has changed you in some way, whether a stabbing left a permanent scar or your heart has grown colder than ice. Wound levels heal at the end of each week, but the marks that they leave remain permanent. If a character loses all Health Levels then they become unplayable, not because they’re dead but because what they’ve endured on their adventures is a bit too much to bear. They’ll stick around as possible NPCs, though!

Example: On one of her usual flights Moira clips her stone wings on the side of a mountain and takes quite the tumble. Thankfully, her wings shielded the rest of her body from most of the damage, but temporarily they’ve been hurt enough that she can’t fly. When she heals both wings will still remain scarred and damaged.

Issues: Much as physical damage occurs, so does mental stress. This will come up from time to time: if I feel that your characters are dealing with an issue, then I will tell you that you’re currently undergoing an issue, which impacts your character. You can choose to let the issue fade, or escalate and attempt to resolve it. Additionally, issue resolution gives you 4 XP and 1 MP. On a fun note, here’s a list of the possible Issues you can gain!

  • A Calling: Something, whether a person, a place, or a noble deed, is beckoning you.
  • A Mystery: Something strange is going on with you, and you need to find out what.
  • Heroics: You’re on track to become a Hero… which means all sorts of terrible danger.
  • Hollow: The world has lost its sense of wonder and you’re going through the motions.
  • Isolation: You’ve started to drift away from others, and find yourself alone.
  • Illusion: There’s something strange about what’s going on before your eyes.
  • Something to Deal With: It’s annoying and niggling at the back of your head.
  • Sickness: You’re coming down with something.
  • A Complex: A set of ideas has gripped you that you can’t let go of.
  • Trust: You’ve placed your trust in something completely out of your control.
  • It Never Stops: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Vice: You’re doing something you know quite well you shouldn’t be doing.
  • Over Your Head: You’ve stumbled into something that’s quite confusing.

Example: During the course of play Moira has, as a result of her quests and her actions, found herself growing increasingly far from her friends. As such, she’s starting to feel a bit isolated, and gains Isolation Level 1. From here on out, to resolve it she must press on with her life.

How to Play

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