Welcome to Town! It’s a place of wonder, of mystery, of excitement, and is the place where you were born and raised. Whether you were a rascal or sweetheart in your childhood you’re coming to the point where the world is becoming a bigger place, and somehow you want to be a part of it. There are untold adventures to be had, whether you’re exploring a cave, dealing with dragons or learning how to ride a bicycle for the very first time. Note that the forum for roleplay can be found here, so head over there

Our game will be set in the genre of your choice from among the following:

  • Pastoral – This is slice-of-life, somewhat whimsical and carefree. Think quite Ghibli for a point of comparison.
  • Gothic – This is slow, brooding, passionate, dark and mysterious.Think Poe or Angela Carter for this one.
  • Immersive Fantasy – This is set in a world of marvels, with wonder everywhere you look. Think back to the first Harry Potter.
  • Epic Fantasy – This is focused on the deeds of flawed, larger-than-life heroes. Think of yourselves as the 300 Spartans, of Perseus or Willy Loman.
  • Adventure Fantasy – This is true fantasy, with excitement around every corner. Think of Lord of the Rings or a typical D&D.

Simple Character Creation rules can be found here. For further questions message me and I’ll do my best to respond.

Fortitude [Chuubo System]

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